Where is the Kenworth Blower motor resistor located? We get this question a lot from customers. We also spend time explaining what the Kenworth blower motor resistor does. In this post, we will be covering where the Kenworth blower motor resistor is located, what it does, and where to purchase a replacement.

Since we build stainless steel Kenworth HVAC boxes for the models listed below, we are most knowledgeable of the resistors for these units. The information in this post is based on these models. We will update this post as we receive more information on other Kenworth models.

  • K100E
  • W900
  • T800
  • T660
  • T600
  • T400
  • T300
  • T370
  • T270
  • C500
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What Does the Kenworth Blower Motor Resistor Do?

The Kenworth blower motor resistor sets the speed of the blower motor. Some resistors have three speeds while others may have four speeds. The resistor is not the only thing that controls the blower motor speed. The selector knob in the dash also plays a part in the speed settings of your blower motor. If your blower motor works on some speed settings, but not all of the speed settings, you are either dealing with a bad blower motor resistor or a bad selector knob in your AC control on the dash.

Where Is the Kenworth Blower Motor Resistor Located?

For the K100E HVAC box, bunk units, and older W900A where the HVAC box is mounted inside the cab of the truck and not on the firewall, the blower motor resistor is typically mounted to the box. See the bunk unit example below.

blower motor resistor on Kenworth Blower Motor

For your W900, T800, T660, T600, T400, T300, T370, T270, and C500 trucks, with the cab HVAC box on the firewall, the resistor can be located in a couple of places. If you are lucky, your resistor will be located just inside your passenger door mounted on the side of the AC venting. See image below.

Blower Motor Resistor
Kenworth Blower Motor Resistor Location 1

If your resistor isn’t found right inside the passenger door, it will be found on the other side of the venting (See image below).

To access this resistor, you will have to remove the center console out along with some of the venting. It is in a really tough spot. I believe PACCAR put it in this location just to frustrate mechanics and DIYers, but I could be wrong.

Kenworth Blower Motor Resistor Location 2

Where Can I Purchase a Blower Motor Resistor for My Truck?

First, you will need to determine the part number for the resistor that works for your truck. The best way to ensure that you get the correct part number is to call your Kenworth dealer and have them look up the part number through your VIN number. You can then purchase your resistor through us by giving us a call (616) 834-1503, or searching on our website.

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