Kenworth HVAC Box

Kenworth HVAC Boxes for W900, T800, T600, T660, T400

We offer free shipping on our stainless steel Kenworth HVAC Boxes for your cab and sleeper along with related Kenworth HVAC parts. Same-day shipping is available on most products ordered before 2:30 PM EST Monday – Friday.




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  • F31-1036ss-2

    (KW 1995 -2014) F31-1036ss-2

    $1,595.00Add to cart
  • K142-465ss-2

    (KW 87 – 94) K142-465ss-2

    $1,595.00Add to cart
  • F31-1036ss-1

    W900, T8800, T600, T660 (Motor, Gasket, Shell)

    $1,115.00Add to cart
  • F31-1288ss-2

    (KW 2015 – Newer) F31-1288ss-2

    $1,595.00Add to cart
  • F31-1221-11110

    Kenworth OE# F31-1221-11110 Plug & Play (2015 and Newer Day Cabs)

    $2,395.00Add to cart
  • F31-1036-1

    Kenworth OE# F31-1036-1, F31-1053-001 Plug & Play (2002 – 2007)

    $1,950.00Add to cart
  • K142-465-1

    Kenworth OE# K142-465-1, 1002148765BSM Plug & Play (1994 & Earlier)

    $2,395.00Add to cart
  • F31-1036-1

    Kenworth OE# K142-535-1 Plug & Play (1995 – 2001)

    $1,950.00Add to cart
  • F31-1072-11110

    Kenworth OE# F31-1072-11110, F31-1292-11110 Plug & Play (2008 – 2014 Day Cabs)

    $2,395.00Add to cart
  • F31-1220-12ss-3

    Kenworth OE# F31-1064-12101, F31-1291-12101 (2009 – 2014 Day Cabs)

    $2,195.00Add to cart
  • F31-1072-11120

    Kenworth OE# F31-1072-11120 (2008 – 2014 Sleeper Cabs)

    $2,395.00Add to cart
  • F31-1037-1

    Kenworth OE# F31-1037-1 Plug & Play (1999 – 2008)

    $1,950.00Add to cart

HVAC Boxes for T270, T300, T370

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  • F31-1037ss-2

    T270, T300, T370 (KW 1999 – 2014) F31-1037ss-2 SS

    $1,645.00Add to cart
  • F31-1220ss-2

    T270, T300, T370 (KW 2015 to Newer) F31-1220ss-2

    $1,645.00Add to cart
  • F31-1037ss-1

    T270, T300, T370 (Motor, Gasket, Shell)

    $1,165.00Add to cart
  • F31-1037-1

    Kenworth OE# F31-1037-1 Plug & Play (1999 – 2008)

    $1,950.00Add to cart
  • F31-1220-12ss-3

    Kenworth OE# F31-1220-12101

    $2,395.00Add to cart

Kenworth Bunk HVAC Boxes

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  • OE# K142-537-1, F31-1321-100 Kenworth Stainless Bunk Heater

    $1,650.00Add to cart
  • OE# K142-433-2, K142-536-2 Kenworth Stainless Bunk Heater

    $1,850.00Add to cart
  • K142-542-1

    OE# K142-542-1, F31-1320-100 Kenworth Stainless Bunk Heater

    $1,750.00Add to cart
  • 110470 Heater Core

    110470 Heater Core

    $231.00Add to cart
  • 108263 Heater Core

    108263 Heater Core

    $112.00Add to cart
  • 1014005 Blower Motor

    1014005 Blower Motor

    $90.00Add to cart
  • 1000406312 Water Valve Kit

    $150.00Add to cart
  • 660423SL

    660423 Wiring Harness for Kenworth Bunk Unit

    $150.00Add to cart

Kenworth Blower Motor Upgrade Kits

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  • Kenworth Blower Motor Upgrade

    Kenworth Blower Motor Upgrade Kit

    $395.00Add to cart
  • Blower Upgrade Kit for Medium Duty Trucks

    Kenworth Blower Motor Upgrade Kit for T270, T300, T370

    $445.00Add to cart

Our HVAC boxes are made with precision right here in Holland, Michigan.

We are a custom metal fabrication shop that has been in operation since 2006. Our favorite metal to work with is stainless steel due to it’s strength and anti-corrosion properties.

Shoreline Kenworth HVAC Box Overview

Lifetime Rust-Free Guarantee

Manufactured With 100% Stainless Steel

Matches OEM Dimensions & Connections For Easy Install

Shoreline vs The Competition

This video compares the Shoreline stainless steel Kenworth HVAC box with one of our competitors. We list a few of the differences below. Watch the video to see all the differences.

The Shoreline box uses stainless rivet nuts, while our competitor uses steel.

The Shoreline box is spot welded, while the competition decided to use rivets.

The Shoreline HVAC box includes mounting studs for easy mounting; the competitor’s box does not.

Our box includes a drip tray; the competitor’s box does not.

Not All Stainless is Created Equal

Another “stainless steel” HVAC box has come on the market. We decided to get our hands on one and do a bit of a comparison.

Watch the video to see some of the comparisons or checkout the 21 point comparison chart below. We will also post some of the main points below.

18 gauge vs 22 gauge

All stainless fasteners vs steel fasteners

Spot welds vs rivets

21 Point Comparison Chart

“I’ve installed one of your boxes on a customer’s truck. They install nicely and the quality is superb… I wish I found your product before spending 2 days fabricating one for my KW… I’ve installed a couple different aftermarket ones. Yours went the smoothest of any.”
“Just finished an install for my 02′ KW T800. Installed smoothly with a very little issues. Now have strong heat AND A/C. I shouldn’t have hesitated ordering because the quality is definitely there!.”

“Ordering the HVAC box was easy. The staff at Shoreline helped make this job a breeze. The price is fair and the shipping cost was low considering the quick delivery time. Thanks Shoreline. Great product!”