Today we are going to spend some time to demystify the Kenworth Fresh Air Intake Part# 589480. Historically, there has been some confusion regarding this part. I’m going to do my best to clear up the confusion in this article.

Which Trucks does the fresh air intake part# 589480 fit?

This fresh air intake can be found on the Kenworth W900, T800, T600, T450, T400, and so on starting from about 1987 to at least 2022. The Kenworth W900B around 1984 – 1986 had a metal fresh-air intake that can not be replaced by this part number. (Hint: the entire box can be replaced in these W900Bs)

It’s also good to note that your T270, T300, T370, and T660 Kenworths use a different style of fresh air intake.

What is the purpose of the fresh air intake?

The fresh air intake gives the driver the ability to allow fresh air inside of the cab without rolling down the windows. This is great for drivers when they want to breathe in some fresh air but don’t want air blowing in through the windows.

Some drivers would prefer to not use the fresh air at all. We particularly see this with the work trucks that spend time on dirt roads, farms, construction sites etc. Some of these drivers go as far as blocking off the fresh air completely. This is also an option.

When does the fresh air intake need to be replaced?

Typically, the fresh air intake is replaced when the intake has been damaged. However, just to be on the safe side, some drivers will choose to replace the fresh air intake when they replace their HVAC box. As a side note, Shoreline Truck Parts fabricates stainless steel Kenworth HVAC units with and without the fresh air intake pre-installed, but this article was written for the purpose of those just needing their fresh air intake replaced so let’s clear up some of the confusion surrounding the fresh air intake.

What’s All the Confusion About?

Most of the confusion starts when people purchase the fresh air intake and then realize there are other parts needed for the fresh air intake to work properly. The extra parts include a metal fresh air door and four small plastic pieces that hold the door into place and allow the door to swing open and closed inside the intake. Sometimes these parts can be reused, other times the metal door is completely rusted out or the plastic pieces are broken or completely missing.

There’s another bout of confusion surrounding the intake as well, the metal door is different for an HVAC box with an air operated actuator compared to an electronic actuator. About mid 2001, PACCAR switched their HVAC boxes from the air operated cylinder to an electronic operated actuator. It’s pretty safe to say, any Kenworth truck 2002 or newer will have an electronic actuator.

KW AC Control Air Operated

AC controls with the sliders like this would have an air operated actuator in the HVAC box.

KW AC Control Electric operated

If your AC controls look like this or similar, you have an electronic actuator in your HVAC box.

Air Operated Kit

Click Here for Air Operated Kit

Kenworth Fresh Air Intake Kit Electric Operated

Click Here for Electric Operated Kit

Have No Fear, We Have Put an End to The Confusion

If you are needing to replace the fresh air intake part# 589480, we have simplified the whole process by offering two Fresh Air Intake Kits, one with a fresh air door for the air operated box and one with the fresh air door for the electronic operated door. These kits come with a stainless steel air door and the four plastic parts. The only thing you need to determine is if your truck has an air operated actuator or an electronic actuator. For your reference, we have added pictures of an air operated AC control and an electric operated AC control.

I hope you found this information helpful, as always give us a call if you have any questions.

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