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OE# K142-542-1, F31-1320-100 Kenworth Stainless Bunk Heater


Stainless steel bunk heater replacement for K142-542-1, F31-1320-100. Complete unit. Have questions? Call us at (616) 834-1503.

SKU: K142-542SS-2

Is your Kenworth bunk heater either rusted out or no longer functioning properly?
Our K142-542ss-2 is a stainless steel replacement for the K142-542-1.
Get the cozy temperature that you would like in your sleeper from a heater unit that won’t rust out.
We build our units with 304 stainless steel and use stainless fasteners.
Proudly made in the USA!


Our Part Number: K142-542ss-2
Cross references: K142-542-1, F31-1320-100

Additional information

Weight 28 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 18 × 15 in



T600, T660, T800, W900


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