Kenworth T300




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  • F31-1037ss-2

    T270, T300, T370 (KW 1999 – 2014) F31-1037ss-2 SS

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  • F31-1220ss-2

    T270, T300, T370 (KW 2015 to Newer) F31-1220ss-2

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  • Blower Upgrade Kit for Medium Duty Trucks

    Kenworth Blower Motor Upgrade Kit for T270, T300, T370

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  • 151328 Kenworth Evaporator

    Kenworth Evaporator Style TF OE# 151328 NA1090

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  • SR2000042, 640059 Heater Actuator Module

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  • F31-1037ss-1

    T270, T300, T370 (Motor, Gasket, Shell)

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  • 1000100467 thermal switch

    1000100467 Thermostat Switch

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  • F31-1037-1

    Kenworth OE# F31-1037-1 Plug & Play (1999 – 2008)

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  • F31-1220-12ss-3

    Kenworth OE# F31-1220-12101

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