Below you will find a list of our most popular HVAC products. If you don’t see what you are looking for, give us a call or visit back soon as our product offerings are quickly expanding.

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  • F31-1036ss-2

    (KW 1995 -2014) F31-1036ss-2

    $1,595.00Add to cart
  • Kenworth Blower Motor Upgrade

    Kenworth Blower Motor Upgrade Kit

    $395.00Add to cart
  • K142-465ss-2

    (KW 87 – 94) K142-465ss-2

    $1,595.00Add to cart
  • Blower Motor

    Blower Motor

    $150.00Add to cart


Complete stainless steel HVAC units for a quicker and easier installation.

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  • F31-1221-11110

    Kenworth OE# F31-1221-11110 Plug & Play (2015 and Newer Day Cabs)

    $2,395.00Add to cart
  • F31-1036-1

    Kenworth OE# F31-1036-1, F31-1053-001 Plug & Play (2002 – 2007)

    $1,950.00Add to cart
  • K142-465-1

    Kenworth OE# K142-465-1, 1002148765BSM Plug & Play (1994 & Earlier)

    $2,395.00Add to cart
  • F31-1036-1

    Kenworth OE# K142-535-1 Plug & Play (1995 – 2001)

    $1,950.00Add to cart
  • F31-1072-11110

    Kenworth OE# F31-1072-11110, F31-1292-11110 Plug & Play (2008 – 2014 Day Cabs)

    $2,395.00Add to cart
  • F31-1220-12ss-3

    Kenworth OE# F31-1064-12101, F31-1291-12101 (2009 – 2014 Day Cabs)

    $2,195.00Add to cart
  • F31-1072-11120

    Kenworth OE# F31-1072-11120 (2008 – 2014 Sleeper Cabs)

    $2,395.00Add to cart
  • F31-1037-1

    Kenworth OE# F31-1037-1 Plug & Play (1999 – 2008)

    $1,950.00Add to cart
  • F31-1064-11122

    Kenworth OE# F31-1064-11122 (2008 – 2014 T660 Sleeper Cabs)

    $2,595.00Add to cart
  • F31-1220-12ss-3

    Kenworth OE# F31-1220-12101

    $2,395.00Add to cart


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Shoreline Truck Parts (a division of Shoreline Manufacturing) is based in Holland, Michigan. Shoreline Truck Parts was born out of the need to supply truck drivers with quality stainless steel products and after-market HVAC parts.

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